About Birds

Hey there,
Well, now I want to tell you a bit about my drawings/illustrations/ideas. Since I haven't done it in a while. Behind every drawing I do I like to make small stories, or things that can explain the "why" of everything in the illustration.

Since I was like 4 years old, I've had a peculiar fascination for hummingbirds. They just seem so tiny, and pretty. I feel like they are small messengers or secret spies.

Their colours are one of the most beautiful things I have seen, they normally come near my house and stand over the power lines around my house. I just say a small "hi" to them, and they just stand there staring at me for a few seconds and go.
I have always thought about how good spies birds would be. (a bit weird, I know, but if you think about it. Being a bird sounds awesome!)

I remember thinking about flying, like all of us have at some point. And I used to ask myself why we couldn't be like birds. I saw them, so tiny and pretty, but yet, capable of going and coming wherever they wanted to. Now I see we have planes and helicopters, but is not quite the same.

But well, if I was a bird, I am sure I would be a secret agent.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!
Love, Monica.

What's growing up..?

I have been thinking a lot in what I want to do once I grow up. But now I have been suffering a bit because growing up mean different things to every person. Somehow, ever since I read "Le Petit Prince" I have been having this feeling of reluctancy to become an adult. Of course, that is something I can not decide on. I can only look for a way to do it. 

I don't know if becoming a bit more serious is part of being adult. I don't know if the process of party-ing and doing crazy things is a necessary thing while being young in order to grow up (I am certainly  skipping that part for now) I just want to know if I to take steps forward I need to let go of some things that might be considered childish. 
It is really confusing because I want to be an artist. I know it sounds like a crazy dream for many of the adults I know that have heard me say it. But I simply want to do it. (That's the teenage rebellious part) "It's my life". And drawing or painting is sometimes a considered as a childish thing. So I get a double message here. 

Now about the blog. 
I have been thinking and trying to do several DIYs in the last days. I took the pictures and everything, but somehow I don't feel like it is the thing I want to do anymore. Maybe the blog should grow, or maybe I should let it go and star a new project. I really don't know what to do. But don't worry, I promise I won't quit blogging, even if it costs me several sleep hours when I get back to school. 

I just want to be able to emanate the real me, my real essence and the things that happen in my life. Keep some diaries, and see how my art grows. (with whatever meaning we can find to it)

Thanks for reading. 
Lots of love,