DIY Upcycled Pet Bed

Hello there! It's DIY time!, (again, finally)
So today, I want to share with you a little idea I had to make little Remi a bed or pillow, so he can feel comfortable all day, and rest. (something that he mostly does all the time, besides playing and yawning) I decided to use some old pants we had, they didn't fit us anymore, and the fabric is just perfect for a small dog bed. So this is how you can do one for your own pet:
What you'll need: 
- Some old pants (you can use more or less pants depending on the size of your dog)
- Stuffing (also depends on the size of the bed)
- Fabric scissors
- Sewing machine, or needle and thread.

1. Extend the legs of the pants and align them.
2.  Cut both legs at the same height, and turn them over.
3. Put together the two ends of the fabric, (making the sizes match if they were bell bottom pants as mine)
4. Sew one of the sides completely.
5. You should get a long piece, like the one in the photo, turn it over again.
6. - 7.  Sew half of the fabric you have in that end, in the way the stitches are correct if you turn it the right side.
8. Sew the other part (here it is impossible to cover the stitches) and leave a space to stuff the pillow.
9.  Stuff your pillow/bed until you are happy with its shape.
10. Finally, use your needle and thread to sew the last part of the bed.

And there you go! You have a great upcycled bed for your little buddy.
I decided to add the name of little Remi to his bed.
My sister wanted it as a pillow, I guess it is another good use for it! If you like it it can also work as some sort of pillow (like those they sell for trips or for the airplanes!) In the end we gave it to Remi, at first he was a bit reluctant to go inside, but then he had a great time playing and getting used to his new bed/pillow!
So that's it, I really hope you like this idea, and do it for your pets!
Have an awesome day, lots of love. Monica

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Hello there! I am here again, sorry for these days, I was in a sort of project of my school, a United Nations Model, so I had to be there for some hours, I ended up exhausted. I had to be controlling a group of hyperactive kids, but everything turned all right in the end.

Yesterday when I arrived, I needed to relax so I decided to start drawing. It is something that has always been a therapy for me, I enjoy it in every sense. But I realised that it has been some time since I didn't draw for myself, and I am loosing some practice. So I need to keep on and do as much as I can, because I just want to improve my technique and drawings. The first picture after these one is a part of the drawing I made yesterday, it didn't turn out perfect, (any drawing is) but, I remember it used to be really easy for me, and now somethings are a bit more difficult. I think it is because of my lack of time, mostly the long periods of school in which I could not draw much more than some doodles on my notebooks.

These are some of the drawings I made a while ago, The first one was about 4 months ago, and the other ones are from my arts class 1st semester. It is in the end one of my biggest loves. I really want to study arts, I want to be a painter, one of the greatest, so I now I need to work and practice a lot more. What are the thing or things that work like this for you, that relax you or that you really enjoy?

So this is it for now, I really missed you these days, hope you are having an awesome Wednesday! (DIY coming soon!!!)
Love, Monica.